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Cal Lyall

Musical nomad since first discovering the malleability of 4-track tape, Cal Lyall is a guitarist and sound artist currently based in Tokyo, Japan. An early interest in diverse musical forms led to intense travel and study throughout Southeast Asia and the Subcontinent, including lengthy visits to India, Pakistan and Iran. Creating a musical universe constructed from field recordings, stringed instruments, microphone systems and other electronic debris, he continues to explore the possibilities of traditional forms in numerous projects (Tetragrammaton, Jahiliyyah, Palimpsest, Missing Man Foundation), incorporating influences ranging from free-flowing drone to ecstatic improvisation.

He also performs as a solo artist with a number of distinctive artists, such as Tetuzi Akiyama, Tim Olive, Chihei Hatakeyama, Kelly Churko, Yoshio Machida, Government Alpha and Chie Mukai, among others. With an active performance schedule in Japan and past tours through Thailand, Laos, China and Korea, he also heads up the Subvalent record label, oversees the Tokyo Hub of Jolt Sonic Arts (Australia) and organizes the long-running Test Tone series at Super-Deluxe in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo.