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Cal Lyall

Constructing a musical universe from field recordings, stringed instruments, microphone systems and other electronic debris, his diverse contributions to numerous projects reflect a bevy of influences, ranging from traditional forms to free-flowing drone and ecstatic improvisation…


Primarily concerned with temperament in music, his musical sensibilities are influenced by an understanding of pitch and harmonic overtone structures, with a particular regard for the tuning systems used in folk traditions and early music from around the globe…


Mixing hurdy-gurdy, soprano saxophone, drums, percussion and (tabletop) guitar, the instrumentation might be well-suited to the folk-music of Eastern Europe, but falls more decisively into the camp of Fushitsusha or Borbetomagus. Forming in 2006 with a bare-bones free improv lexicon, the band has moved towards dense drone-based structures and an increasingly multi-layered approach to thematic development, most evident on their most recent double-CD release from Subvalent, Elegy for Native Tongues.