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Tetragrammaton – Point of Convergence

Mind-blowing drone/trance/freak session from a Japanese trio who know how to levitate planets. Tetragrammaton features Ken Nobunaga, TOMO and Cal Lyall navigating improvised cosmo-drones of such beautiful complexity and dazzling depth that at points it feels like a masterclass in spontaneous devotional tectonics…

ASTRO & Suzuki Junzo – Cosmic Blues Experience

Beautiful deep-space hymns to free-falling oblivion from Hiroshi Hasegawa (CCCC et al) on synthesizer and tambura machine and electric guitarist Suzuki Junko…

Test Tone Anthology Disc One

Texture, rhythm and movement in all of its disguises, this anthology disc captures the myriad of expression that has become the hallmark of the Test Tone series at Tokyo’s SuperDeluxe.

Test Tone Anthology Disc Two

Surrounded by murmurs, footsteps and other environmental accompaniment, these recordings capture the immediacy of resplendent sound on location. Beautifully packed into this second disc, steelpans, kalimbas, bells, metronomes and family-sized tuning forks…

Test Tone Anthology Disc Three

This third disc in the Test Tone Anthology series pulls no punches, offering an insider’s view of what goes on outside of business hours in downtown Tokyo. An exhilarating dose of tumultuous noise-rock, leftfield jazz freakouts and other explosive encounters make this a compilation for the truly brave at heart.

Golden Parabola – Beauty Queens

A gritty rescue attempt before drowning in sludge. Pounding vibrations from the bomb shelter. The sound of punk rock virgins fighting for purity in the mucky aftermath. Throbbing bass as deliberate as post-apocalyptic earthworms. Beauty Queens sucks the life out of the party and spews it back in…

Jahiliyyah – Anon Nehrut

Jahiliyyah presents a howling scrum of ecstatic durge from the daylight-deprived bowels of Tokyo. Replete with all the glopshod trappings you come to expect from a precarious flossing session, this remains in gran’s dentures until the tea gets cold. Ancient casiotone purges, or the best music money can buy?