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Subvalent on Bandcamp

Subvalent has entered the digital realm of sound dispatch with a dedicated Bandcamp site for older material and some upcoming releases.

Tetragrammaton’s Point of Convergence on Utech Records

Track listing: Disjecta Membra (14:34) Portrait of Turab – Part 1 (5:07) Temporality of Action (12:42) Sol de Paula (9:03) Silybin Therapy (10:23) Portrait of Turab – Part 2 (11:45) Band Members: TOMO – Hurdy-gurdy, saxophone, waterphone, crystal bowls, percussion, voice Cal Lyall – Guitar, Rhodes piano, hydrophone, gongs, percussion Nobunaga Ken – Drums, percussion [...]

Interview with TOMO

In recent years, there has been something of a revival in the Japanese folk/psych scene. Musician and multi-instrumentalist TOMO is one of the more active players upholding this movement, pushing it into the new millennium with an impressive array of projects centering on drone, minimalism, and even a bit of noise rock.

Tetragrammaton 2010 China Tour

All those residing closeby to HK, Foshan, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, Tetragrammaton will play a series of dates in southern China with HK artist Dickson Dee.

Chie Mukai + Tetragrammaton join Test Tone Compilation

To mark the 50th event in the Test Tone series at Tokyo’s SuperDeluxe, Medama Records is releasing 3-disc anthology of live recordings, including a rare outing that matches Tetragrammaton with the legendary Chie Mukai.

Sir Julian Cope Anoints EFNT Album of the Month

Tetragrammaton’s recent double album has been the kind recipient of Album of the Month honours on Julian Cope’s Head Heritage home channel.

Tetragrammaton + Mitsutaka Ishii meets Zero Jigen

Active in the 1960s, Zero Jigen (Zero Dimension) were known for their ‘ritual’ street performances (gishiki), surreal imagery and public nudity. Making use of dada-esque satire, they explored radical themes that expressed urban critique through ritualistic walks through crowded streets and other acts of ‘artistic terrorism’ on the environment.

All About Mimi: New Miminokoto Release Party

Revealed in the name change, New Miminokoto has undergone a bit of a transformation, most notably by bringing in labyrinthine blues guitarist Junzo Suzuki as their leading figure. Their new album All About Mimi is now out on PSF records.

Our Love Will Destroy the World Japan Tour

After creating an unparalleled body of work under the name Birchville Cat Motel, Campbell Kneale embarks on his first tour of Japan under his new moniker, Our Love Will Destroy the World. Joining the bewhiskered proceedings at SuperDeluxe will be Kikuri (Keiji Haino x Masami Akita), Tetragrammaton (TOMO + Cal Lyall + Nobunaga Ken), Muddy World, L?K?O (DJ) and Onnacodomo (Visuals).

Elegy for Native Tongues Release Party

This is an announcement that Tetragrammaton is on the cusp of releasing a new album, Elegy for Native Tongues, a double CD disc set that presents a studio recording with a second disc of live performance.