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Tetragrammaton 2010 China Tour

Tetragrammaton China Tour 2010
Tetragrammaton joins Dickson Dee for 2010 China Tour

All those residing closeby to HK, Foshan, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen please note the dates below. Tetragrammaton will be on tour during the first week of April, playing a series of dates in southern China with Hong Kong-based artist Dickson Dee. Two limited-edition tour CD-Rs will be available at these shows.

2010-04-01 @ Osage Soho, Hong Kong
2010-04-02 @ 191space, Guangzhou
2010-04-03 @ Ninliho Gallery, Foshan
2010-04-04 @ Dawang Culture Highland, Shenzhen

Japanese free psych/drone unit Tetragrammaton is one part 70s free improv (from the school of Kaoru Abe and Masayuki Takayanagi) and one part new millennium blissed-out drone/noise (a la Hototogisu and Vibracathedral Orchestra).
Mixing hurdy-gurdy, soprano saxophone, drums, percussion and (tabletop) guitar, the instrumentation might be well-suited to the folk-music of Eastern Europe, but falls more decisively into the camp of Fushitsusha or Borbetomagus.
Frequent guest spots have included Chie Mukai, Mitsuru Tabata (Acid Mother’s Temple, Zeni Geva), butoh legend Mitsutaka Ishii, Hiroshi Hasegawa (aka ASTRO) Damo Suzuki (ex. Can) and improvising cellist Yasumune Morishige.
The three members, TOMO, Cal Lyall, and Nobunaga Ken are also involved in a number of other projects, ranging from harsh noise to world folk music to electronica.

Dickson Dee has been involved in the music industry for more than 20 years. His career started with importing European independent labels to Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, which he then followed up by establishing his own music label and organizing concerts. He contribution to the development of independent music in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan is world-renown.
In 1996, Dickson’s debut solo album “PAST” was released under Tzadik label (USA). Since then, he began his creative work in earnest with musical styles ranging from the avant-garde to experimental, music concrete, electronic, new classical, industrial noise, dance, electronic world jazz and more. He has performed under different names and formed many bands. For example, he uses DJ Dee for electronic experimental music, Li Chin Sung for music concrete and avant-garde, PNF for industrial noise, Khoomi Sound Machine for electronic world jazz, and Dickson Dee for his electro-acoustic, sampling cut ‘n’ paste and turntable activities. He has collaborated with many artists such as Zbigniew Karkowski, Otomo Yoshihide, Sainkho Namtchylak, Maja Ratkje, Sachiko M, Werner Dafeldecker, Patrick Pulsinger, Cdrk, Tujiko Noriko, Tetsuo Furudate, Yoshida Tatsuya, Keiji Haino, Adachi Tomomi, Astro, Makigami Koichi, Kang Taehwan , Lawrence English, Electronicat , Park Je Chun, Jonas Hellborg, Uwe Dierksen, VJ Milosh, Dr Das, and many more.
Dickson set up his personal label Dicksonia Audio in addition to Noise Asia, which concentrates on the release and publishing of his own works. This provides more freedom and convenience to further develop his creativity.
Aside from concerts, Dickson also appears in arts academies and universities for workshops and lectures to share his experiences with students, hoping to trigger their interest on sound art and music.